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Sep 15, 2018 | Mapleham Dr, Pegasus 7648, New Zealand

The Trusts Stadium Arena is Auckland’s premier indoor sporting venue, equipped to hold a myriad of indoor sporting events we have a long and proud history of osting the worlds best.

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About The Trust Stadium

The Trusts Grandstand is a large facility offering an impressive seated grandstand and green fields areas all set in beautiful spacious park-like grounds, which include the Chris Timms Memorial Jetty and a fully featured childrens park.

The Trust Stadium Schedule

September 15th, 2018

10:00 am


The LG Mystics we have a special relationship with Netball, but can flex our experience and muscle in almost any sport.

10:20 am

With John Doe

The Trusts Grandstand provides quality facilities on 11 hectares of sports facilities and features extensive parking facilities.

10:45 am
Getting Started With Us

With Jane Smith

The heart of The Trusts Stadium Arena is the 5,000 seat entertainment arena,


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Leah Lewis

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Leonard Larson
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Ruth Leonard
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Susie Vaughn
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Where It’s At

 Mapleham Dr, Pegasus 7648, New Zealand

This facility is regularly used for events such as:

The Arena floor is over 4800 square metres, with no pillars and easily accessible from the large loading docks at the side of the building.

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The Trusts Arena is a multi-purpose event and entertainment facility which hosts a broad range of events including conventions, trade shows, music concerts and local, national and international sporting events.


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