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There are a lot of issues that can arise if you’re handling a team of up to 12 players in basketball. Along with stamina, the sport requires a lot of discipline. But how to establish the discipline that will eventually reflect in your game? Here are a few tips to establish discipline whether you’re a team captain or coach for basketball:

Focus on Practicing Together

Whether you’re a coach or a team captain, you need to play and practice with your team. This will show just how involved you are in the game with the entire team. What a lot of coaches do is look and advice. It is advised to play with them, show them you care and get involved with every play-off strategy they have. You can even become a follower in a few practice games to see potential of your team members.

Set Some Ground Rules

It is very important as a team leader that you have ground rules when playing a sport. From coming on time to practice, to keeping the basketball uniforms melbourne clean; everything falls in the bracket of discipline. It is very important that the team has certain ground rules to abide by. A timetable and weekly KPIs calendar can be locked to measure just how many team members abide by the set rules. For example, every player will have to work out and practice at least 6 times a day. Such benchmarks need to be set so all team members are disciplined for the sport.

Communicate Through the Games

There are times when players will feel overwhelmed during the game. They need to be calmed before they end up messing the entire strategy. This is where a coach or a team captain comes into play. It is his responsibility to communicate with the team members, throughout the entire game, and retain discipline. It is important to tell them never to lose tempter, feel overburdened or over-exhaust themselves merely by taking pressure. A backup plan from the coach or captain needs to be created in case a team member is not in his best performance mode. Instead of panicking, it is the coach’s responsibility to maintain calmness throughout the game and talk his team members through it all.  

Never Tolerate Unsportsmanlike Behavior

The coach or captain has a smart eye that can detect seriousness of his team players. It is his responsibility to eliminate any player that is not on his best behavior, for a consecutive number of times or does not respect the sport. Instead of wasting his and the team’s time, it is his job to rid themselves of such an unnecessary resource which does more harm than good. This way, only the players who are concerned and passionate about the game will stay.