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Custom t-shirt printing is very popular, and in demand, as companies and individuals find happiness in the freedom, they get from choosing the graphics, photography and words they can print on their t-shirts.

But, with the many companies to hire, you may not find it easy to choose which one to entrust your custom t-shirt printing needs.

To help you further in your search for the best custom t-shirt printing company below is a guideline you can follow to ensure that you will never go wrong spending your money.

Guidelines to follow when hiring a t-shirt printing company

Let them know when you need the t-shirts

This is a critical deciding factor when choosing a company to hire. Some may require a couple of days, some a week or two, while others need a longer time to deliver. Choose a company that can comply with your deadlines.

Additional Tip: If you have a very tight deadline, it is highly recommended that you choose a company that is just within your neighbourhood. This can help you save time as you can arrange to pick up the custom t-shirt you ordered by yourself, and you do not need to wait for delivery time.

Make sure that they have an excellent customer service support team

Their customer service support team must be willing to help may it be online, over the telephone or in person. They need to give excellent customer service from the time you are asking for their service until the time your orders are received and satisfied.

Additional tip: It is best if you send them an email or give them a call to assess how well they handle customer inquiries. How they attend to your inquiry email or call can be a deciding factor whether to continue doing business with them or find another one to hire.

Ask for their return policy

Before you start doing business with them, make sure that you are clear about their return policy. You must establish an agreement that if you are not satisfied with the service they rendered, you are free to get a refund. If they declined this agreement, move on and look for another company to hire.

Read on customers feedback and reviews

Before hiring a company to work on your custom t-shirt printing, it is recommended that you read on the reviews from the people they worked with. This is a good way to assess their reputation and how well they can deliver to agreements.

Those who receive good reviews from their previous customers are the best and most reasonable companies to hire. On the other hand, avoiding those who have many negative reviews must be taken out of your list.

Compare rates

Compare one company’s rate to another, and make sure that you are doing your comparison wisely. Some companies offer t-shirt printing at a lower cost, but the quality of the print and the t-shirt is low, while there are companies who offer expensive rates, but the quality of their prints and t-shirts are beyond the standard.

The information provided above can help you a lot in finding the best personalised t shirt printing. Follow the guidelines, and you will be very happy with the t-shirts you will get.